Bridge Builders of Anchorage

We are better together.


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Our purpose is the promotion and celebration of harmony and respect among all cultures in order to make Anchorage, Alaska the first city without prejudice. 



The cornerstone of Bridge Builders is The Pledge of Mutual Respect:

We the people of Anchorage, Alaska pledge to respect one another, celebrating the differences that make us unique, our customs, our spiritual beliefs, cultures, colors, dreams, and ancestral traditions.  Standing together hand-in-hand, young and old, we affirm that through mutual respect, we can build a stronger more harmonious community, a more united nation, and a better, safer world.

We are striving to integrate this message into the fabric of Anchorage by:


Building Bridges: Inviting the community to attend our annual signature events including our Autumn Potluck, the MLK Jr. Celebration, Meet the World, Fourth of July Parade, and the Unity Gala.


Community Resource: Collecting, gathering, and sharing information regarding community wide events celebrating all cultures and welcoming new citizens and families to Anchorage (Family to Family program).     


Encouraging Community Engagement: Membership provides opportunities for volunteering, youth mentoring, networking, fundraising, and positively impacting our community.  


Celebrating Diversity:  Recognizing individuals and groups making a difference in Anchorage, awarding scholarships, and giving an opportunity for all cultural communities to share their talents city-wide. 


Our Vision: to make Anchorage the first city without prejudice.


photo credit: Twisted Branch Photography © 2016




In 1996 Mayor Rick Mystrom invited leaders from several African American and Caucasian churches to dinner.  The goal was to open a dialogue on how to actively improve racial harmony and communication in our community.  What began as a discussion on black and white relations soon expanded to a conversation about the multitude of cultures and ethnic backgrounds that make up our diverse population.  The group at the Mayor’s home that night decided to start a new initiative. They called it Bridge Builders, and the remarkable success of this award-winning grassroots campaign continues to this day.  

Bridge Builders of Anchorage has grown into a non-profit 501(c)3 organization run by a volunteer board of directors representative of the different cultures in Anchorage.  The board members set policy, serve on committees, and often chair programs, activities and community events.

Anchorage is continually changing for the better.  Will you join us?  Become a member to get involved in creating your own bridges with people of all backgrounds and experiences.



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photo credit: Twisted Branch Photography © 2016